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Our Academics


At Gracelyn-vinalo International School, our mantra is Read, Read and Read and the extensive use of phonics in learning. At two and half years old and over pupils are able to pronounce common words in the English language; read simple stories from our national readers as well as books from our rich library collection of interesting and exciting story books! They use board games to learn the alphabets and word puzzles to teach them simple words of things within their environment and the world at large.


Science is taught through story-telling and simple practicals. Our three year olds have their own flower pots and are able to plant and water their seeds that they sow. Teachers use graphic illustrations to build their imagination by breaking down complex phenomenon into simple understandable stories that they can relate to.


It is believed that our handwriting can give an insight into our character. The school therefore pays tremendous attention to ensuring that pupils develop their writing skills during early learning. They start out by tracing or joining dots representing numbers and letters. This, together with other wrist strengthening exercises, build their confidence in gripping their writing tools properly and shaping numbers and letters correctly.

Creative Practical Arts

Kids love to express themselves. What better way to do so than through Creative Practical Arts! That is why our toddlers, preschoolers and reception pupils are encouraged to express themselves through painting and other creative arts. This helps to build not only their concentration skills but their dexterity too.


Our school provides early learners easy and exciting ways to play with and learn numbers. Years three and over are helped with simple addition and subtraction through simple games. By the time pupils get to the reception class, they can count numbers from one to fifty correctly. In reception they are introduced to solving simple sums of addition and subtraction with the aid of counters.

Physical Health Education

Gracelyn-vinalo International School provides a large clean hall for physical exercise. Our facilities include a safe practicing area, a well -trained P.E instructor and adequate P.E. kits ranging from basket- ball, table tennis, nine pins, skipping ropes, hola hoops, squash, and much more.



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